Provided by Mad Hat Tea Company
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Pai Mu Dan
The quintessential tea, the stuff that drifted down from the tree above into Emperor Shen Nung’s pot of boiling water back in 2737 BCE. Harvested and dried immediately to capture the essence of Tea.



Temple of Heaven Gunpowder
Named for its' resemblance to 'gunpowder' ...nothing to do with taste... tightly rolled, lightly oxidized tea... certified organic and top grade... strong green tea flavors.

Moli Chun Hao (Jasmine Green)
A Mao Feng style green (twisted leaf ) high mountain grown from Fujian province scented and flavored with jasmine flowers.

Long Jing aka Dragonwell
Grown and processed in Hangzhou province for over 1500 years. It’s an amazing superior grade Dragonwell... one of the most famous of all Chinese greens. Hand flattened leaves with sweet, smooth green flavors.

Morrocan Mint
Our Temple of Heaven Gunpowder tea blended with organic peppermint leaf from the Puyallup valley... Fuding County meets Pierce County in the cup.



Wu Yi Shui Xian
Certified organic 'amber' Oolong with maximum oxidation. Known as the famous 'slimming tea' as it increases metabolism and is rumored to keep fat from being absorbed. Redolent with freshly roasted grains.

Ali Shan
Grown above 1000 meters on the slopes of the famous Ali Shan Mountain, one of Formosa's (Taiwan) top Oolong. Lightly oxidized and brews up a pale yellow, slightly sweet cup.


Earl Grey Red Flower
The finest Earl Grey, 100% Chinese black tea leaf. Bergamot oil from Calabria (the ‘toe’ of Italy) with a touch of Tibetan red flower revered for its life giving properties.

Mad Ginger, Peach, & Apricot
Beautiful blend of Assam and Chinese black teas with natural peach & apricot flavors, real fruit pieces and organic ginger root.

Mokalbari Estate II Flush / Assam
The tea garden is situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in NE India...a high-grown, strong black Tea, malty with low astringency. If you like English Breakfast Tea, give this a shot. You won’t look back.

Golden Snail
From Yunnan province, a 'rolled' tea named for its resemblance to tiny snails. Golden tips, super rich, full flavored and dense in the cup.


Botanical (non-caffeinated)

Just leaf, ours grown in the Puyallup valley and certified organic ask to add some to any of our teas for that refreshing touch. Really good on an upset stomach.

Climber’s Tea
Developed for high-altitude climbers; perfect for sea-level dwellers. Tibetan rhodiola, olive leaf, Echinacea, ginger root, lemongrass, peppermint, Yerba Mate, Gotu Kola and licorice root.

Just like the ice cream bar. Certified organic Honeybush and Rooibos flavored with Madagascar vanilla and orange...invented right here in T-Town.

Rooibos & Rose or Rooibos & Blueberry
Top grade ‘Red Bush’ grown 2 hours north of Capetown, South Africa. Certified organic. One with rose buds and petals, one with dried blueberries and blueberry leaf.

My Throat Hurts
House made blend by a local herbalist. Ginger root, Echinacea, licorice root (the root doesn’t taste like the candy) and cayenne. Sweet and spicy!

Egyptian Chamomile
The finest flowers are grown in Egypt. Certified organic. richer and more aromatic than your Mom’s chamomile.



Puerh (2007)
Long leaf tea, fully oxidized from Yunnan province allowed to ‘compost’ for 40 days. The backbone of Chinese ‘pharmacology’. Earthy, dark, barnyard aromas, a revitalizing cup of goodness.

Yerba Mate Extra Roast
From Brazil, double roasted. Energizing without the jitters, full of minerals and amino acids. The best ‘study’ drink on earth. Certified organic.