Jeremy Bursich is always working on something. With two self-produced albums under his belt in the last three years and a third album in production, he still manages to find time to host open mics, organize and perform in concerts, edit and construct music videos, and wrap his head in plaster of paris for his hellishly playful sculptures. Bursich is not only a prolific presence in the artistic sphere but also a pillar of his local musical community. He has become notorious for his haunting sound and labyrinthine lyrics. Drawing from such experts of raw grit and dry dissent as Neil Young, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen, Bursich balances this saw-blade sound with influences from the bittersweet ballads of the likes of Elliott Smith, Bon Iver, Jose Gonzales, and Bill Callahan. Oscillating from sweet and sour tunes of brutally honest introspection to hard hitting jabs into sociopolitical subjects, Bursich portrays a wide and penetrative range of human experience.