The Far Field is a new, folk music band consisting of 4 experienced musicians with wildly diverse musical backgrounds ranging from punk to bluegrass.
The Far Field began during the summer of 2014 when singer/songwriter Jon Borcherding found fellow Far Fielders through an online personal ad. “It was an interesting process, he recalls, I think I auditioned at least one escapee from a mental institution.” 
The process took several months and led to the close, vocal partnership that formed between Borcherding and singer, Kari Tally. Keys player, Ted LeCompte brought a sense of drama with his musical theatre experience and the band was complete when John Tubbs added his bass.
Their sound is reminiscent of the revival-folk of the 60’s full of jangly guitars and wheezing harmonicas. Accordion and flute add elements that are at once ethereal and carnival-like. These sounds form a rusty fence that encloses a core of tight vocal harmonies. One audience member quipped that The Far Field’s sound is like “Gordon Lightfoot meets Pink Floyd.”