With its lighthearted yet soulful take on Americana rock, Dedric Clark finds the now-23-year-old songwriter brightening up his ruggedly intimate songwriting with lush melodies and sunny harmonies. Recorded by Fowler at Oceanway Studios and Hillywood Studios in Nashville — and featuring such accomplished guest musicians as guitarists Bryan Sutton (Johnny Cash, Eric Church, Alison Krauss) and Tom Bukovac (Bob Seger, The Beach Boys, Garth Brooks) — the album is built on both tight musicianship and an earthy, sometimes irreverent honesty. Whether delivering a deceptively breezy breakup song like “Knock Me Out,” a tender acoustic ballad like “Cold,” or a life-on-the-road anthem like “High” (a track written in the dead of night somewhere deep in Colorado, its wide-eyed awe conveyed in lines like “And I got high/Without any medicine”), Clark infuses every note with unabashed emotion. And on Dedric Clark’s plucky, piano-laced lead single “Misunderstood,” the smoky-voiced lyricist cleverly twists together melancholy and hopefulness, kicking off the chorus by pointing out that “It’s hard to be lonely/When we’re all misunderstood.”