Having formed in late 2014 at the University of Puget Sound, Grand Stellar is a brand-new, innovative fusion trio that combines riff-based funk, jazz, and blues, with a psychedelic twist. Extended passages of the heaviest, nastiest grooves morph into odd metered, attention grabbing transitions, only to return once again to the kind of steady beats that you can dig your teeth into. Hailing from Eureka, California, Austin Schmalz brings the bass to the forefront, weaving sophisticated tapestries of low end through and around each song. Jeremy Goodwin provides mind melting solos that shred in and out of familiar forms and phrases across the genres, all the way up from Oakland, California. Nick Gerlach, from Portland, Oregon, taps out alternately complex and minimalistic rhythmic patterns to keep the beat anchored and the mood funky. Their combined efforts enable Grand Stellar to create concise sonic articulations of the psychedelic experience, evocative of the beauty of the stellar fabric that ties our universe into one great, groovy whole.