Metronome Coffee is pleased to announce a closed, cover charge event from 5-8PM on Sunday the 8th of June!

"Everyone has a story.  You never know when your story may help someone else pick their head up and live to their full potential.  This event will feature inspiring speakers of from our community who have overcome adversity and serve as a source of inspiration to those around them.  The aim is to encourage people to build relationships with others by sharing the story of their lives and realizing the value of their life experiences.  This event will focus on the role fathers play in the lives of their children.  When speakers are not presenting their stories, contemporary jazz music will be played and customers will be encouraged to purchase beverages and/or food from your establishment."

Darius L. Alexander - Host/MC

"Darius L. Alexander (AKA Darius or “D”) is a motivational speaker, songwriter, MC, and the owner of Still Standin’ Entertainment based in Tacoma, WA.  Darius began his live speaking/entertainment career at the age of 13 when he was hired by Pacific Lutheran University to speak at their annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.  In 2002 he founded Still Standin’ Entertainment and has worked to develop and manage several local artists since that time.  The aim of Still Standin’ Entertainment is to provide a creative outlet for talented individuals to express themselves in a positive manner.  Darius has been known for his ability to host events and entertain crowds of all kinds through a combination of spoken word poetry, motivational speaking, and pop/hip-hop/r&b music.  Darius’ approaches every performance as an opportunity to encourage others to pursue their goals, while always keeping the entertainment of the customers as the main priority."