Tanner Brethorst-


Tanner Brethorst is a Folk/Americana musician from the river valley of Winona Minnesota. He's been playing music for many years and within the last few years has decided to take it to the public's eye. Over the summer of 2013 he traveled across the country busking (playing music on the street) to gather gas money to make it to Oregon where his banjo was located. Along the way, he ended up beginning the process of writing music. Along the way he wrote, "Stars Of Glass" "Just My Luck" and "Weary Road Blues" which, "Stars of Glass" was just featured in his new EP "No Way Home" released in early 2014.

Tanner plays anything from new age folk music to dark deep gap Appalachian tunes from way back when. He plays finger style guitar and claw hammer banjo.
Here's a link to his new EP:



Sam N' Eye-


Sean Barrett and Samantha Barrett are a married whirlwind of music hailing from central Michigan but have been sharing their musical talents with the rest of the country. Point on a map, and there is a good chance that they've been there. The music they write is a blend of folky blues with some booming vocals from both. Sean plays guitar, mandolin, kazoo and mangorine (a cross between a mandolin and tambourine) and vocals. Samantha plays the washboard but is delving into the world of guitar. She also sings!