We have a wonderful line up for you this evening!

Marian Call

Singer-songwriter Marian Call is grounded in Alaska, though she spends a lot of the year on the road.  Her songs are about spaceships, dragons, Jane Austen, Shark Week -- the usual.  She has released five albums since 2007, and her shows have been well-received in all fifty United States and all across Canada and Europe.  She sounds a little like Joni Mitchell & Ani DiFranco raising the love child of Ingrid Michaelson & Regina Spektor.  You will not soon forget a live concert with Marian Call.

Molly Lewis

Molly Lewis is a Seattle-based singer-songwriter who writes ukulele tunes about beards, heartbroken astronauts, presidential assassinations, the 007 Goldeneye N64 game, and Stephen Fry.


OPENER: Seth Boyer (http://sethboyer.bandcamp.com)