"Moongrass is a sextet of childhood friends from the muddy Nooksack delta in Ferndale, WA. Currently based in Bellingham, WA, they play foot-stompin' and earnest country, blues, and americana music.

Banjo player Elijah Watson, guitarists Taylor Merlina and Cole Melcher, washboard player Willie Reavis, Banjolele player Tom McKay, and Bassist Austin Bowen bring a huge energy to every living room, street corner, dive bar, and stage they can find. They've been at it since early 2013, though they've shared many bands of varying styles in the past.

The songs are heartfelt, the brotherly bonds between the six are obvious on stage, the harmonies are powerful, and the dance is irresistible Elijah and Taylor add a lot of momentum with clever use of a kick drum and hi-hat, respectively. Moongrass's music has firm roots in country/blues/rock'n'roll tradition, but is colored with shades of soul, punk, and doo-wop.

The boys have made a name for themselves in the Bellingham music scene, playing everywhere they can and leaving audiences sweaty and impressed. They've also traveled to Port Townsend, Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland in between full-time jobs to share their music. The self-released and recorded 12-track album "All the Wrong Notes in All the Right Places" was released in November of 2013, and the band is currently hard at work on their next release."


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