Young Ones

4 piece indie/post-punk band from Tacoma, WA at the University of Puget Sound


(edited for Metronome Coffee audiences) Hailing from the secret Jewish Underground in Nazi Germany, Harshmellow has always balled so hard mothertruckers wanted to find them; however, they have never had issues with justifying their thug, because they simply don't give a truck. They would often play shows in camps, but their true first accomplishment was discovering time travel, and headlining at woodstock for their third concert (by complete accident).

Rhinoceros Rex

Music for getting wild and taking your clothes off. Courtesy of DanielespormaSeancrutchfieldJackgilbertKyledybdalTalisoncrosby

$5 cover (cash only)

Free PBR, Rainer, Hamms or High Life  (w/ ID) or coffee with cover purchase