The Mermaid Problem

We are The Mermaid Problem. Started as a duo. Did the band thing. Back to a duo. Back to our roots.


Steven Taylor

One day, not long ago, Squirrel played songs with Black Bear. The bear was well known for playing the guitar, and the squirrel could sing like Jesus. They had a lot of songs written, but no band with which to rocketh. Soon, they were standing in the middle of the woods, confused and unsure of what to do about a drummer, when, all of a sudden, Wolf happened by. Black Bear and Squirrel did not fear the wolf because he was a well-known drummer, and they knew they were in need of his talents. They rocked in the Black Bear's cave, but were missing the much needed help from the bass playing grizzly bear, so they searched for his companionship. When they found the righteous grizzly, the band soon became the best... band... ever. They rocked in the black bear's cave for a few months, but something was amiss. The animals grew sad because they felt they needed The Sound of the Gods in order to complete the band. Only one instrument could produce such a blissful sound: the holy synthesizer. The squirrel’s girlfriend, a cheerful bird, was the only person worthy enough to play the god-like keys. So it was that she was added. Now, the local forest animals play cheap shows in the seedy underbelly of Portland Oregon for free drinks and tasty nuts. Praise be.