When brothers Chuck and Jeff Springer made a lo-fi 4-track recording of Chuck’s song “Gone” in 2008, neither of them would have imagined that it would ultimately lead to “The Brothers Jim”. In the fall of 2010 Jeff approached Chuck about performing “Gone”, along with some of the classic and grunge rock songs that the two grew up playing together, at open mic events along the I-5 corridor of Washington State. The two quickly realized an undeniable musical chemistry that spurred a frenzy of collaborative songwriting. "It was like we were on the same wave length, finishing each other's sentences, and coming upon the same concepts through the unique lenses we each had to offer." Five of these songs appear on their debut EP, and the brothers are already working on a full-length follow-up album. Their debut EP is a folksy jab at American culture and lifestyle. In just five songs, they embark on a full journey of emotions. It is an eclectic mix of genres and instrumentation, held together with mesmerizing vocal harmonies.