James Coates

"Union Pacific, won't you take me away?" muses songwriter James Coates of the trains that pass his home an hour south of Seattle. And appropriately so: Traveling has done him well. He frequently ventures north to Seattle and south to Tacoma to perform as an active member of the Pacific Northwest's burgeoning music scene. And this summer he'll embark on a tour across the U.S. traveling more than 8,000 miles to perform in places like Chicago, New York, Nashville, New Orleans, Austin and Los Angeles to name a few, in support of his debut album "Land of Fame and Glory".

The Tenants

The Tenants formed in early 2012 with husband-wife duo Mitchell and Allison Dorn. The couple released their first EP "Iron and Gold" in April of that year in Appleton, WI. Mitch and Ally played acoustic shows across northeast Wisconsin before moving cross-country to Tacoma, WA in October 2012. The Tenants played summer shows in the Tacoma area through July and August, teaming up with Dave Hannon, The Frosted Hearts, and The Sherman Family. The trio hopes to release a full length album in early 2014.

The Whoopie Cats

The Whoopee Cats are a powerful female duo based out of Tacoma, WA, playing a unique blend of soulful blues, traditional rock, and original music reminiscent of some of the well-loved albums in your vinyl collection.