Megan Biegalski

Two years ago Megan began a solo project and can now be seen performing her original music.  She has collaborated in her song writing with well know musicians/composers Calen Tackett and Justin Tamminga. She has also performed in multiple shows with the Spokane Civic Theater. 

Megan regularly performs with pop/rock artists such as Josh Carper, Kord Taylor, Todd Carter Koeppen and Tommy Shinn.  She can be heard on radio stations from California to Rayong Thailand.

Tommy Shin

I guess I'd say its a privilege to be able to play music and share it with people you might never even know or meet- it reminds me of when I was a kid, maybe 13 or 14, and I heard Van Halen for the first time and was completely blown away. I never even touched a guitar till I was about 16 or so, and I really didn't learn how to play till my early twenties- the most rewarding thing about music to me is that no matter what is written and played, it is unique to that person whoever they may be, and can never be duplicated by anyone else- its your very own voice

Kord Taylor