Jeff Ross

Jeff Ross is a local musician and songwriter in the Pacific Northwest. With an alternative-folk style, his original music is written from the heart, and it shows in his performances. He has become a well known figure in the Tacoma music scene. His debut EP "Immunity" features acoustic songs about love and loss, changing seasons, and the fear of the unknown. More recently, he has teamed up with other local artists and has formed a folk group called "The Frosted Hearts".


Quinell Oucharek (“Quinell”) is a Canadian-born, up-and-coming musician based out of Pasco, WA. For the most part, he is just a regular guy who, in a round-about way, stumbled upon his passion for singing, songwriting, and performing.

This charismatic musician has not always toted a guitar, but rather, spent much of his stereotypical Canadian life growing up playing ice hockey. His first introduction to guitar came at 15, when a family friend loaned him a guitar with the specific instructions: “as long as you use it, it’s yours.” Appreciative of the gift, Quinell learned a few basic chords and simple songs, but maintained his pre-occupation with the on-ice pursuits.

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