“The message I want to get across is how important it is to follow your heart and be your highest self,” says singer-songwriter Jody Quine. After an acclaimed career as a collaborative artist with landmark EDM innovators Balligomingo and Sleepthief, Jody steps out on her own. “I feel like for the first time in my life I’m standing up to be counted. It’s time to be me.” This August Jody release her debut EP, Seven, a breathtaking collection of soulful folktronic.

...Jody discovered her innate talent at an open mic, singing with a friend to a packed house of pub goers eating munchies and clattering pint glasses. Her pristine and angelic vocals hushed the crowd, and when she finished, the room erupted in joy and cheers. A new talent was born. “I thought ‘This is it, I think I found my thing.’ It felt amazing,” she recalls."