AT METRONOME, we want you to move to the rhythm of your heart. 

Whether you need a pick me up or are here to chill, we have a little something to fit the tempo.

We feature multiple coffees from the industry's best coffee roasters! Our anchor espresso in every drink is the truly amazing Shift Blend from Tectonic Coffee, formally known as Take Flight Coffee. We focus on a lighter roast profile so you can taste the quality of the beans not just the roast itself. Combine that with our seasonal house-made syrup menu and you've got something to write home about. 

At our Manual Brew Bar the beat is always changing. We feature new roasters and regions every month! On the second Thursday of every month at 3pm, we set up a tasting of new fresh crop single origin coffees from all over the world. The top three or four coffees will be featured on our menu an in retail the following month. This is a fun experience you definitely want to be a part of! We will have roasters and and even coffee farmers on hand to educate and involve you in the industry from time to time.

For a different note, we have a curated tea menu from our friends at Mad Hat Tea here in Tacoma. Black tea, green tea, white or oolong tea, and herbal blends to help cure what ails ya. (And re-steeps are free.)

And when it's time to slow down, we have rotating handles of local brews and Washington wines. (Sometimes they even make it into our coffee creations.)